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6928 Manno, Via Cantonale 18


Via Cantonale 18

6928 Manno

University Hospital Zurich​, Research and Education Office


8091 Zürich, Rämistrasse 100

The University Hospital Zurich is one of Switzerland’s largest hospitals and a pioneering institution in the field of clinical research. In its 40 departments and institutes, it assembles and practices all medical disciplines and enjoys an excellent reputation for state-of-the-art medicine, professional and com- passionate patient care, and groundbreaking bench-to-bedside translational medical research.

University Hospital Zurich​, Research and Education Office

Rämistrasse 100

8091 Zürich

University of Zurich


8952 Schlieren, Wagistrasse 12

The University of Zurich (UZH) is Switzerland’s largest university, with seven faculties and a current enrollment of over 26,000 students. More than 5,000 highly qualified members of the teaching staff, including some 580 professors, teach and conduct research at the 150 University institutes. In the field of life sciences, the University of Zurich is well known for its groundbreaking research in medicine, immunology, neuroscience, and structural biology. In the interest of serving the community, the University of Zurich promotes the transfer of research-based knowledge to private enterprise, and our spin-off ventures and business partnerships regularly lead to the creation of attractive jobs in innovative fields.

University of Zurich

Wagistrasse 12

8952 Schlieren

Urban Sympheny AG


8406 Winterthur, Technoparkstrasse 2 / Trakt B, 3. OG, Büro 3223/3225


Entwicklung, Beschaffung und Betrieb von Lösungen für Energiesysteme

Urban Sympheny AG

Technoparkstrasse 2

8406 Winterthur

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